Our friend Carol Van Zandt sent over her gorgeous first fabric collection, Tokyo Rococo, and while most of the collection is beautiful bold florals, this male-friendly coordinate inspired me to sew up something for my favorite little guy. Head over to Babble and enter to win some of Carol’s delish fabric! Since this vest is totally reversible, I finally cut into my Heather Ross Guitars for the other side. I’m seriously digging his little man look. I think this would also look so sweet on a little girl. Want the super easy instructions for how to sew one up? Let’s do it.

Download and print pattern at 100% Pattern is is designed for size – 12 month.

Tape pattern pieces together and cut out.

You will need approximately 1 yard total. 2 coordinating 1/2 yards or 4 coordinating fat quarters. We suggest at least one of the fabrics being a heavier weight like canvas, home dec, wool or corduroy.

Cut fabric pieces according to instructions printed on pattern. There is 1/4″ seam allowance included in the pattern.

Align pieces right-side-facing so that the side seams and shoulder seams match up.

Do the same for the other side.

Sew the sides and the shoulders with 1/4″ seam. Repeat on second set.

Iron all seams open flat.

Fit one layer inside the other with right-sides facing.

Pin in a few key places where seams meet like the shoulders and sides and sew all the way around the outside with 1/4″ seam.

The only thing that will be left unsewn is the arm holes.

Trim the points on any sharp angles.

Through the arm hole, turn the piece right-side-out.

Iron the vent flat.

Now to finish the armholes.

All the way around both armholes, turn the fabric under 1/4″ and pin. Take special care to line up the edge with the other side.

Slowly stitch around the very edge of the armhole through all layers.

Now you could be done…

But we really must insist that you add some adorable buttons. You will need enough for both sides.

It makes it easy to use the same button for inside and out, so you can sew through aligning holes.

Space the buttons evenly and mark with disappearing ink.

Get out that button hole foot and get to work. If you need a refresher or a ‘fresher,’ watch our buttonhole video tutorial.

Cut your buttonholes! Don’t forget the pins, to avoid catastrophe.

Overlap the front panels and through the buttonholes, mark where your buttons need to go. Sew two buttons back to back on either side of the fabric. Keep stitches loose enough that the button can fit through the hole but secure enough for baby shenanigans.

And you have an adorable little vest! If you need a different size, use the pattern as a guideline for shape, and measure a light jacket or sweatshirt for size. I plan to make some for the girls too but with a tie on the back for a more fitted look! Such a cute way to use a few fat quarters.

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