This DIY memory game is a fun way to bust through some fabric scraps (or you can easily do it with just paper). All you need is a craft punch and a little time.

These mini-hearts were the obvious choice for Valentine’s day, but a big version with a simple circle or square punch would be so fun any time of year.

Learn how to make this Craft Punch Concentration Game after the jump…

How to Make a Fabric Scrap Concentration Game with Your Craft Punch

First gather your supplies. You’ll need some cardstock (I used pages from last year’s calendar), a sharp knife or paper cutter, some glue, a craft punch, and some fabric scraps.

I made mini-concentration game pieces because my craft punch is really small. So I started by cutting my card stock into 1/5″ strips.

Then I cut each strip into 3″ sections, scored the center (at 1.5″) and folded in half:

Next step was to punch heart shapes into one flap of my game pieces:

I made 36 game pieces (for a 6X6 board):

Next step, I made a little window so I could trace the shape of the game pieces onto my fabric scraps before cutting, just to make sure I got two pieces that really matched.

Then I cut out my fabric scrap pairs

Next step is to glue the fabric to the solid side of the game piece, then glue the punched side down.

I repeated to create all the pieces, set them under a heavy book to flatten, then set them free to dry overnight.

Time to play!

Probably would be smart to put them in a box or bag of sorts, but just for fun I stacked them up and tied with a bow.

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