As much as crafting alone can be peaceful and therapeutic I’d have to say I love crafting even more when the kids get involved. When I saw these heart stamps I loved that they were so easy to do even toddlers could join in on the fun. Michelle from Rust & Sunshine came up with this super easy tutorial for how to make heart stamps out of toilet paper rolls. No need to run out to the store and buy a bunch of supplies. While you are checking out Rust & Sunshine make sure to take a peek at Michelle’s magnetic wall and her adorable baby’s nursery, so cute.

Keep reading for the full Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps tutorial…

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

Last night Abe had his first swimming lesson. He loved it so much he’s been asking me for a bath ever since! I don’t mind letting him splash in the tub to his heart’s content, but I figured we should get a little messy first, so…I grabbed an empty toilet paper roll, some red paint, and a handful of blank cards, and we were ready to make Valentines!

I started by flattening the cardboard tube so it had a crease on two sides.

Then I pushed one crease inward to make a heart, and wrapped a piece of tape around the tube to help the heart hold it’s shape.

I poured a little red paint on a plate and dipped one end in the paint…

…then I handed it to Abe and let him have fun! He really enjoyed seeing the “schips” (shapes) appear on the paper.

We ended up with four cute cards to send to family and friends, and enough paint on his hands, face, and in his hair to require a nice long bath. I’d say mission accomplished.

Abe tried fingerpainting for the first time last Valentine’s Day when we made cards for his grandparents. For those cards, I made a heart stencil from construction paper and laid it on top of a blank card. I poured some red and white paint on the card and let him mix them up. When we pulled the stencil off there was a pretty painted heart on the card. Super easy (and super cute) Valentine’s Day craft for babies!

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