We heart donuts. Scarlet and I made the minis above last year on Valentine’s Day, and as I was digging up the pictures miss nosy-pants started losing her mind begging to make donuts again. I wish I could upload the audio file of her wailing “i want doooooonnuuuuuts!” Jeesh. So this year she wanted to take it to the next level by making heart-shaped donuts. I don’t have a heart-shaped donut pan (does this exist?), so we went into experiment-mode with some sinfully delicious deep-fried chocolate cake donuts, like little love bombs.

Let me tell you how we made heart shaped donuts after the jump…

First off, for last year’s cake donuts we used our fun Wilton Mini-Donut pans and the recipe right off the box. Then we made a simple powdered sugar glaze (8 ounces powdered sugar, two tablespoons milk, drop of vanilla) and used food coloring to make various shades of pink and red.

Then Scarlet decorated them to her heart’s content.

This year we used this chocolate donut hole recipe from Smitten Kitchen. The only change we made was to use a 2″ heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the batter. It worked like a charm! Any bigger and the donuts would have been soggy in the center, just FYI. Same glaze, different sprinkles.

If you are gaining weight just looking at these pictures, our heart shaped scones might be more up your alley.

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