We’re so excited to introduce our all new Prudent Baby! After many long months of nurturing, she’s finally arrived. We’re gazing at her with a bit of exhaustion and a lot of bliss; we hope you adore her as much as we do.

Let us introduce you! We wanted to create a site that made it easier for you to find the project you want to make. Feel like sewing, but not sure what? Head over to the BY CRAFT button, and choose Sewing & Serging from the drop down menu. There you’ll see all of our sewing projects with pretty pics so you can quickly flip through them. Or perhaps you are headed to a baby shower and want to make a blanket for the new bean; in that case, head over to the BABY+KID menu and choose Baby Essentials, there you’ll find tutes for all the things babies need. Throwing a party? The ENTERTAINING+FOOD category has crafts, recipes, and more. I think you get the picture. And of course, if you know exactly what you’re looking for (say the One Shoulder Dressy Dress or How to Ice A Cake) you can still go ahead and use the search box, which is up there on the top right. There’s so many ways to find what you want or to browse around and get inspired. We’ve also got a better commenting system just like you asked, so leave lots of comments and we will be able to respond to you directly, which we promise to do as quickly as we can as soon as our kids get their shoes on and stop asking for candy and such.

We’d love if you oohed and aahed over our baby’s beauty. She takes after Jacinda’s side of the family, what with her blue eyes and artistic streak. You may have heard that Jacinda is working on a new line of fabric, and I’m so head over heels in love with it, we used it as inspiration for our new look. Yup, Jacinda hand painted and drew all the pretty details, even those lovely buttons under our illustration (which we commissioned from I Missy You, and like so much we may never let ourselves be photographed again). Freckled Nest helped us design the site, those are some talented ladies if you want a blog redesign or an ad whipped up, they are your girls. The duo that helped birth this baby are Sean Benham and Tina Lam, they are probably the best developers in the world, true experts at migrating from Blogger to WordPress, which, if you know anything about blogging, is a mighty task. And since they have babies, they don’t even mind if your child tries to swordfight you while shrieking “Frosty the Snowman” when you talk to them at midnight their time.

So take a minute to get to know each other, Prudent Mama and Prudent Baby, we hope you fall in love. We can’t wait to read your comments and hear what you think.
Jaime & Jacinda

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