Organizing your ribbon can be a tough task to tackle (try saying that 10 times fast). No matter what I do I always seem to end up having spools of ribbon racing around my floor and unwinding in seconds. I was therefore completely floored when I saw Helena from Craft and Creativity using Tic Tac containers to keep her spools intact. It’s a genius idea and I just knew I wanted her to share it with all of you.

Helena’s Craft and Creativity doesn’t stop there. In both Swedish and English she will teach you how to make Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles, have Band Aid Fun (some of the prettiest Band Aids I have ever seen) and show you the coolest way to makeover earphones.

Now, let’s get to organizing…

Organizing Trims and Ribbons with Tic Tacs

Beautiful trims, ribbons and lace is fun to use when you’re crafting, sewing or wrapping gifts. My trim stash has been a total mess up to now, all tangled together and no order at all. It’s been hard to get a proper overview.

As so often before I found the solution via an image on Pinterest. The picture led me to the site Instructables (a great source of inspiration, by the way!) and there I found a description on how to use TicTac containers for a smart ribbon storage solution. Ingenious! Luckily I have a husband who likes mints and I was able to lay my hands on a bunch of TicTac’s really cheap at our local grocery store.

I poured the TicTac tablets into a large jar and pimped the jar with some washi tape (nothing may remain unembellished, you get that right?). ;-)

It just so happens that TicTac containers are quite narrow and some of my trims simply didn’t fit. I solved this by cutting out pieces of cardboard and wrapped the wider trims around them. I pinned down the ends with sewing needles. I wrapped tiny trim scraps around a chopstick instead.

I’m very happy with the result. And as a reward for doing such a good job, I treated myself to some new trims (and some new washi tape) from Etsy… Now I’m just waiting for the delivery.

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