We enjoyed Ribbon Week so much that we decided to do Zipper Week! Get ready for a week of projects using zippers, sponsored by our friends at Zipit Zippers. We know that some of you fear the zipper. Don’t fear the zipper. The zipper is your friend. Embrace the zipper. “But there are so many kinds of zippers” you say, “which do I buy?” Here is a little intro to zippers with the help from Zipit Zippers.

First up we have the basic 3mm coil zipper. It’s nylon and has a closed-bottom, which means it doesn’t separate when you unzip to the bottom. This is a versatile zipper that comes in a wide variety of colors and lengths. This is a great option to keep on-hand for any type and size project that might come up. These are perfect for sewing bags, purses, clutches, make-up cases, cozies, skirts, dresses, pillows and so much more! Zipit sells them in single color batches and delicious rainbow collections that you will roll around in like a major craft nerd when you open your order, trust me. Moving on.

Next up we have the slightly larger-zippered 5mm nylon coil closed-bottom zipper. The teeth are 5mm wide rather than 3mm and the pull is larger giving this zipper a bit more impact on a project.

3mm nylon coil separating zippers are most commonly spotted on jackets and zippers. Jennie from Zipit suggests using these shorter length separating zippers for doll clothes. So cute!

Metal zippers add a little edge to your project. They can be used in place of any zipper but look especially good on bags and jackets. Be sure to take a peek at the organic cotton options with brass zippers and pulls.

I’m especially loving these 4.5mm nylon coil closed zippers with a long pull (over 1″). They are fantastic for purses, diaper bags, backpacks, wetbags and more. They have lovely color options.

This 4.5mm nylon coil head-to-head closed-zipper with long pulls (over 1″) is also fantastic for purses, diaper bags, backpacks, and larger totes and duffle bags.

These are 3mm nylon coil INVISIBLE, closed end (non-separating) zippers. They are ideal for dresses, skirts, pillows and more!

These 10mm black zippers have really large chunky plastic teeth and a super huge easy-to-grasp zipper pull. They are closed-bottom (non-separating) zippers. I think this would be really cute in the neck of a sweatshirt.Even if you are still afraid of zippers, I’m guessing that you are considering adding some of these beauties to the ‘ol sewing stash and by the end of the week you will be ready to add them to your projects. Stay tuned for Prudent Baby Zipper Week Sponsored by Zipit Zippers!

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