Eeek! Advance copies of my new book just arrived. I’m so excited to hold it in my hand and share it with you. Inspired by my first book, Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) this is a guided journal in which you will write your own list of Prudent Advice for your daughter.

The book is beautifully hardbound in linen, with a ribbon marker, and pretty shades of my current favorite color, coral. Inside you’ll find some new prudent advice, but the bulk of the book is for you to write. There are suggestions and thought-starters to help you create a treasure for your daughter. When you are ready to give it to her, the traditional-book-stuff on the front and back cover peels right off, to make a truly special gift she will cherish forever.

Because I created this journal for you to write your own book as a unique gift to your daughter, I did not include the kind of dedication or acknowledgements an author traditionally would. This is your book to dedicate to whomever you please. But, of course, there are some inspiring women I would like to thank for helping bring this project to life, and a few special girls I want to honor. So if you will indulge me for a moment, I would like to include what would have been my dedication and express my gratitude here…

For Scarlet, Joleen, Niko, Clare, Quinn, Madison, and Sylvie:

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.
-John A. Shedd

My daughter, Scarlet, you are the window through which I am finally able to see the beauty everywhere. Joleen, Niko, Clare, Quinn, Madison, and Sylvie, I see you (and your mothers) as droplets of fresh water, splashing new hope onto the plainest of hearts. Take everything we say with a grain of salt, then chart your own course on that buoyant sea. To my agent Alison Fargis, editors Kate Woodrow and Lisa Tauber, and business partner and dearest friend, Jacinda: I wish I had known you as girls. To my sister, Jennifer: I did know you as a girl, and despite all evidence to the contrary, I feel privileged. You are the heart of our family. To my youngest sister, Rachel: You are destined for greatness, this I know. To my mother: Thank you.

This journal will be in stores in September, and is available for pre-order on Amazon now. I hope you like it! My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter.

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