Scarlet, Carleton, and I recently had the pleasure of touring the beautiful country of Jordan. From wandering the green north of Jerash, to luxuriating at the Dead Sea, to unplugging in the quiet desert, to exploring the wonders of Petra, to relaxing at the balmy red sea of Aqaba – we had the experience of a lifetime. The most overwhelming feeling we came away with was a sense of welcome: This country adores children and truly made our family feel at home. Come along with us as we discover the top 15 things for families to do in Jordan. What do you think? Will you add Jordan to your list?

A big thank you to the Jordan Tourism Board (also on Twitter) and our tour guide Ibrahim Semrin. I’ll share more details, specifics, & suggestions for visiting Jordan in upcoming posts, so ask questions in the comments and I’ll answer them soon. Happy travels!

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