Pinterest Love: Y’all were digging on these crochet hearts from Belle Amour.

Beautiful Thing I Read: I really enjoyed reading Oliver Sacks’ essay in the New York Review of Books titled The Bull on the Mountain (which I believe is an excerpt from his book A Leg to Stand On). The piece chronicles his near-death experience destroying his leg while on a solo hike in the hills above a Norwegian village. When he recounts the memories that ran through his head as he approached death, I found myself moved by the clarity with which he recalled his childhood garden in London. I had a thought appear in the back of my mind as I read, a strange hope that some day, when I am long gone and Scarlet is very old, that she might remember our garden in the same way. I found this thought very comforting.

Hairstyle I tried: This updo from Parlor Diary. Whaddya think?

Project we wished we had posted: Straw dispenser turned pencil dispenser! Genius! Spotted on etsy.

Thing I acquired and utterly adore: Well, I gave this to my hubs for his birthday and he adores it. It’s a Linus Roadster Sport Limited Edition. So pretty!

So, what have y’all been clicking on, cooking up, and crafting this week?

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