New friend I made this week: PRINCESS CHEESE! Oh, my, goodness.

For eight months I have been missing my first dog-love, Puck, so very much. So on Sunday, to celebrate our sixth anniversary, Carleton, Scarlet, and I went to the animal shelter in search of a new four legged friend. And we found her! And then also Scarlet gave her a very, umm, special name. Meet Princess Cheese (full name Princess Cheese Aurora Chocolate, ahem).

Many thanks to my dreamy hubs for making our anniversary extra special.

Now to battle away a lingering kennel cough and some pesky dimodectic mange. She’s on a bunch of meds, but any helpful tips are welcome. Shelter dogs may be a little worse for wear, but she sure knows where her home is now. She’s one happy mutt and just a perfect little scruffins.

Recipe I tried (and loved): Thanks to all of your wonderful advice on Facebook (so many good ideas in the comments on that link, thx), I prepped for our camping trip this weekend by making and freezing 20 “Campurritos” a la this recipe from Ninth and Bird. Now on Sunday morning I can just open one eye and point my husband toward the cooler while mumbling something like “heat…fire…go…” before rolling over and covering my head with a pillow. Win.

Happiest place on earth: Still, Disneyland!

Cause that caught my attention: My friend had Hodgkins Lymphoma. That blew. But she’s better now, which is good. So much better, in fact, that despite being sort of not-so-athletic on the regular, she’s decided to do a triathlon (along with two friends – she’s the swimmer) to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If this cause means anything to you, give them a pledge! P.S. I love their team name – “the TRY team.”

THING YOU WANT TO WIN: Have you started planning your entries to our contest to win a Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine? Get the deets here and start crafting. We can’t wait to see your entries!

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PHOTO CONTEST FUNTIME:Jacinda and I have become obsessed with Instragram since signing up a couple weeks ago, so we want to play with you there (Follow us @prudentjaime and @prudentjacinda. Each week we are going to do a silly photo contest with a theme. Upload your pics on instagram and hashtag them #thisweekonprudentbaby, along with the week’s theme. We will pick a winner based on no discernible criteria, and post the pic and instagram handle here in this column next Friday. So this week’s theme is #CraftyKids. Here’s my entry…

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