Now that we’ve given you a rundown of this exciting Borderline Brilliant Contest with grand prize the Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System, it’s time to tell you all where to enter. Right here of course!

To enter for the chance to win a Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System you have to embroider (by hand or machine) any design that includes a frame – meaning a border that goes all the way around either the outside of your design or the outside of the object.

Keep reading to find out how to enter that lovely embroidered piece of magic…

See the Brother PE500 Personal Embroidery System, in action in our How to Use an Embroidery Machine video. This machine comes with options like alphabets, images, and frames, as well as the ability to use designs stored on a card or from your computer, and it’s only $299 on amazon How to Use An Embroidery Machine (And Pretty Felt Frame Coasters Too)!

More Examples:

The little squirrel bag. Note the opening has a running stitch border that goes all the way around!

The Beginner Embroidery hoop project.

Monogrammed hand towels!

All of the machine embroidery in these samples was done on the PE500.

To recap:

1. Hand embroidery or machine embroider your entry.

2. The surface may be purchased or made by you.

3. A border or frame must either completely surround the artwork or the edge of the surface, like these examples.

In order to “link” your entry you must have it originally posted to Facebook, Flickr, or a blog. Please include your entry photo and project info where you have the project “hosted.” Project images should be at least 300 x 300 pixels.

Project info should include: 1-2 sentences about the project including how it was made and credits for purchased materials and/or pattern.

Enter Here:


This contest is open to any individual 18+ with a mailing address in the 48 contiguous US States. Please read Official Rules carefully. Deadline for entries: September 30, 2012

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