Seeing this cute Tooth Fairy Pouch from Wild Olive brings back so many memories of bidding farewell to teeth as a kid. I can distinctly remember losing a tooth while eating a poppyseed muffin and being absolutely terrified I would swallow it, like my sister had done the year before. Worse than fearing I would swallow it, was that my older sisters would find a way to hold me down and do the dreaded tooth-tied-to-string-attached-to-door bit. Did any of you ever experience that? Did it even work?

Along with this adorable Tooth Fairy Pouch, Mollie from Wild Olive has also come up with clever tutorials like Tinting Embroidery with Watercolor Paints, making the cutest School Merit Badges and treating yourself to this super simple and absolutely adorable Felt Arrow Necklace.

Keep reading for the full Tooth Fairy Pouch Tutorial (with Pattern) after the jump…

Tooth Fairy Pouch Tutorial

With younger siblings still losing teeth, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know the Tooth Fairy and learn her tricks…her job is not easy! This simple little pouch will hold teeth and cash, and will slip under a pillow without your sleeping toothless little one ever noticing. (My brother is good at noticing small movement near him while he sleeps, so the Tooth Fairy needs to be stealthy!)

To do your part and help out a hard-working fairy, you can make a tooth pouch too!

Here’s what you need:
Felt: White, yellow, light blue (or another color for wings)
Embroidery floss
Tooth Fairy Pattern PDF

Cut out one crown and one set of wings. Cut out two teeth, and embroider a face on one of them. See how I stitch faces here.

Using embroidery floss, stitch the wings to the back (outside) of the back tooth piece. Stitch the crown to the back of the front tooth piece. Leave the floss attached, and continue along the top edge of the tooth, then add the back piece behind.

Holding the front and back together, continue stitching (now through both layers) around the side, bottom, and back up to the top. The sides and bottom should be sewn together, but the top will remain open.

At our house, the Tooth Fairy gives one dollar per tooth, and you get to keep your tooth! Although, when I was little, she only gave me 25 cents. How about at your house? How much does she trade for a piece of a smile?

Looking for other tooth pillows? Here’s a fun grouping of ideas!

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