It’s a beautiful day when you stumble upon that sweet combination of healthy meals that take almost no effort at all. Stephanie Brandt Cornais, from Mama and Baby Love, has mastered the art of easy and delicious slow cooker cooking with Real Food in her revised and updated eCookbook, From Your Freezer to Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes .

From Your Freezer to Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes is all about feeding your family with healthier options, like buying from your local farmers. Stephanie gives helpful tips about how to transition your way of cooking into a Real Food one. This revised and updated eCookbook contains 15 new recipes that are 95% grain-free, gluten-free and diary-free, to focus on foods that are best for your body. Not only do I hope these recipes make you healthier, feel better and lose weight, I hope you enjoy the amount of time it will save you in your life!

How I would give for my freezer to look like this. Inside From Your Freezer to Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes you will find an updated grocery list that makes for quick trips to the supermarket, as well as, blank pages in the back to jot down any extra notes. This process may seem a little overwhelming at first, which is why Stephanie has a full breakdown of the best ways to start preparing your frozen meals.

We haven’t even gotten to the recipes part yet. From Your Freezer to Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes is filled with mouth-watering recipes like, Summer Veggie Soup, Thai Chicken Curry, Moroccan Lamb Stew, and Flank Steak Fajitas. The whole family is sure to gobble up these flavorful meals, and the bite size pieces make it perfect for a little one as young as 10-months to eat too. You can buy your copy of the revised and updated From Your Freezer to Your Family: Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes for $9.99 here. Want to try out a recipe or two (or three)?

Get the full Ginger-Cranberry Pork Roast Recipe, Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken, and Orange Beef Stew recipes after the jump…

Ginger-Cranberry Pork Roast

2 pork roasts
2, 12 ounce package fresh cranberries or 2 cans of whole cranberries
1 cup peeled and sliced or minced ginger
2 tablespoons rapadura sugar
2 tablespoons of quick cooking tapioca or some other thickening agent.
1 cup filtered water

Dump all ingredients (except water) into two, one gallon bags. Label and put in freezer.
Day of cooking dump contents of bag into slow cooker, add the water, and cook on low for 4 to 6 hours, or until fully cooked. Remember each slow cooker is different, so the first time you make a recipe, really watch it so you don’t over or under cook it.
Serve with sauteed broccoli in lots of butter. I cook frozen broccoli this way, no need to thaw, just dump frozen broccoli into a hot pan with hot butter and it is delicious.

Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken

3 medium unpeeled sweet potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch pieces, about 2 cups
2 large green pepper, cut into strips or cubes, about 2 cups
1 large red pepper, cut into strips or cubes, about 1 cup
2 zucchini, chopped, about 2 cups
2 cups chopped onion
2 tablespoon quick cooking tapioca (or flour, or some other thickening agent)
2 pounds chicken thighs or drumsticks
2 15oz cans of tomato sauce
4 tablespoons packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoon ground yellow mustard
2 clove garlic, finely minced, about 2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon salt

Divide everything into two separate one gallon freezer bags, shake it up, seal, label and put in the freezer. On the day of cooking, dump it into your slow cooker and cook on high for 4 to 6 hours, or low 6-8 hours, depending on your specific slow cooker.

Orange Beef Stew

3 to 4 pounds of chuck roast (or any other kind of roast)
2 cups of beef broth (I use homemade stock)
2 cups of orange juice (fresh juice is best, but I was running short on time and just used Uncle Matt’s Organic)
1 tablespoon of rapadura sugar
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of arrow root powder/flour
2 tablespoons of minced garlic (fresh is best, but not having to cut up garlic is so nice!)
1 bunch of scallions
2 sweet potatoes, cut into 1 inch cubes. ( I scrub them good, but leave the skins on)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Directions: Label 1 one-gallon freezer bag. Chop sweet potatoes and scallions, then add to freezer bag. Add in sugar, arrow root flour, soy sauce, garlic and orange juice. Mix up well and then lay bag flat and place in freezer. Day of cooking: add contents of freezer bag, roast, 2 cups of beef broth, salt and pepper to slow cooker. Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. Serve with fresh salad and homemade sourdough bread, if you have it.

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