We kicked off our Prudent Baby 2012 Gift Guide with the annual Crafter’s Wishlist. Next up is the one gift that always wins with parents and kids, a lovely new book. Here is a selection of Scarlet, Clare, Quinn, and Gordon’s most favorite books, that we are sure your kid will love too. Starting from the top…

#1: Around the World with Mouk – Take a trip around our magical planet, and bring your stickers with you.

#2: Peek-A Who?: Yes, we’ve been suggesting it for three years, but Scarlet was reading it then and still reads it now!

#3: Rosie Flo’s Sticky Coloring Book – The classic coloring book now has the added fun of sticky stickers to stick about.

#4: Kokeshi Kimono Book and the entire Kokeshi series. – These books are so adorable, they feature tons of ingenious games, from lift-the-flap pages to matching the patterns on the kimonos. They truly surprised me with the ingenious ways they get the kids to interact with the book.

#5: I Had a Favorite Dress – This book is wonderful for the crafty girl in your life. The main character has a favorite dress which she outgrows, so she and her mother work together to sew it into a tee, socks, a hairclip, etc until there’s nothing left.

#6: I Want My Hat Back – I won’t spoil the surprise. This book is hilarious.

#7: Everything Goes: On Land – If you have a kid that likes cars, trucks, or anything that moves, that kid will love this book.

#8: Press Here – Who would have thought some simple polka dots could be so much fun?

#9: Extra Yarn – You can change the world with the smallest thing.

#10 An Awesome Book of Thanks! – Still our favorite way to end the day.

And one just for you mamas and papas…
Unicorns Are Jerks: a Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth.

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