Michaels Christmas Tree

It’s the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge! Since Jaime is here in Texas for some fun, like a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, and some work, like making a video on how to find the perfect fitting bra (ha!), we are pretty excited to have the opportunity to dream up a beautifully decorated Christmas tree together.
Here’s a hint, it involves A LOT of tissue paper.

michaels christmas tree

Ever since this giant box arrived at my door last Friday containing an easy to assemble 6ft tree and a generous Michaels giftcard, we have been plotting a magical, unique, and (of course) prudent tree to share with you.

Michaels Christmas Tree

Any guesses on our theme?

Scarlet and Gordon were our shopping elves.

Michaels Christmas Tree

Tomorrow we will have a sweet ornament tutorial that is so simple, the whole family can join in, or you can be mean like us and tell the kids they have to go to bed while you make Christmas ornaments and drink wine with your best friend.

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