Clover Wonder Clips
These babies are the BEST INVENTION EVER! As in: no pins needed. You can use the clips for bulky, unwiedly, or otherwise hard-to-pin fabric concoctions, and the other added benefit is they have measurements on the sides, so you can actually clip a hem with precision rather than pin and hope it all comes out even. One side is flat and the other rounded so you know which to put on top… I mean, I could go on about my love for them, but see for yourself. I started with a pack of ten clips, but wish I had ordered a a pack of 50 to begin with, cause I use them daily and in multitudes. I shall never pin again!

Circle Cutter

Have you ever needed or wanted to cut a perfect fabric circle? That business is IMPOSSIBLE to do well by hand. Yes, I’ve made templates, used a compass and my scissors, but results were iffy and there’s no reason for it. Get yourself a fabric circle cutter. You use it like a compass, with one side pinning the center of the circle down, then setting the radius, then simply cutting by exerting a little pressure while you spin the blade. It sounds a little cray-cray but it’s actually crazy simple. Try it out: OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter.

Simplicity Studio Ruler Simpli-EZ Bias

If you want to make your own adorable bias tape (which you should, because it’s adorable like I mentioned, but also not that hard), you can make your life a heck of a lot easier if you get a bias ruler to help you mark your cut lines. Pick it up here Simplicity Studio Ruler Simpli-EZ Bias, then use our tutorials for how to make bias tape and how to sew with bias tape to make all of your cute-binding dreams come true.

Walking Foot

If you want to make quilts or sew with knit/jersey, you should get a walking foot. It makes a lot of sewing easier but becomes a necessity/joy of life in those situations. Search for the walking foot designed for your machine and invest in it (it shouldn’t be too much more than $25), and you will thank me. No seriously, I am waiting for my thanks. You’re welcome.

Dritz Dual Purpose Twin Marking Pens

I am obsessed with this pen! One side is air-erasable (meaning it eventually dissappears after you mark your fabric), and one is water-erasable (also known as Mark-b-Gone), so a spritz with your iron and the markings disappear. I use this one literally EVERY DAY, I buy them in bulk I use them so much: Dritz(R) Dual Purpose Twin Marking Pens

So, those are a few of my favorite things. I hope you enjoy my secrets, and share any of your fave rando sewing gear in the comments, I do so love to collect sewing doo-dads.

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