Ahh, the bacon wrapped hot dog. ‘Tis an LA street-food specialty, to be bought from a cart after clubbing all night, dripping with delicious hangover busting grease and savored bite by bite. I may have aged out of 2 a.m. post-clubbing street food, but I still love the bacon wrapped hot dog for summer BBQ’s.

Another delicious trick I’ve picked up is to put coleslaw directly on your hot dog. I am not usually a fan of coleslaw, but since my husband’s twin brother moved to Nashville, married my awesome sister in law, and had a couple babies, we’ve been visiting quite a bit. I always make sure to stop by Noshville, since my BIL introduced me to their “Francheesy,” which is basically a hot dog with cheese and coleslaw on it. There is something magical that happens when you combine a hot dog and coleslaw. I can’t explain it, you just have to try it. And once you wrap your hot dog in bacon, then top with delicious coleslaw, well, it’s heaven in your mouth.

The coleslaw-topped bacon-wrapped hot dog is pretty much the simplest way to make your BBQ guests swoon over your mad grill-skills, especially with the addition of Marzetti Light Slaw Salad Dressing. Let me show you how simple it is to grill a bacon-wrapped hot dog and top it with slaw. And you can also enter to win this gift set giveaway from Marzetti, including:
· 5 Marzetti coupons to purchase Classics dressings
· Marzetti branded stainless knife set with cutting board
· Acacia wood salad platter and plates (3 10″ plates and 3 5″ plates)
· $35 Visa gift card for grocery shopping
· Marzetti branded apron

Get my coleslaw-topped, bacon-wrapped hot dog recipe after the jump…

How to Make Bacon Coleslaw Dogs:

First, wrap your hot dogs in bacon. That’s pretty simple.

Now throw them on your pre-heated grill.

Let them cook for a while, the fat will drip off. When one side of the bacon browns, turn them. The hotdog will take longer to cook since it is wrapped in bacon, don’t worry about cooking the bacon and burning the dog, won’t happen.

Now for the slaw. Just chop some cabbage. You can also add shredded carrot or whatever you prefer (maybe more bacon?).

Pour on the Marzetti Original Slaw Salad Dressing (I went with Light despite my bacon-wrapped hot dog indulgence because as my friend Jon says “it’s never too late to stop the bleeding,” and this light version is just as tasty as the original).

Pull your hot dogs off the grill, place in bun. Add shredded cheese if you really want to indulge, then top with the cool coleslaw.

Take a bite. It’s amazing, right??? Something about that cool refreshing coleslaw makes the rich bacon hot dog taste even richer? You know you love it.

Thanks to Marzetti for sponsoring this post and inspiring our recipe with their delicious salad dressings.

To enter to win this wonderful gift set leave a comment below with your favorite kind of salad. Mine is definitely something in the ranch family, perhaps with some BBQ chicken mixed in. For additional entries tweet, stumble, or share the giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment each time letting us know. Come back and leave a comment every day from now until May 8th at midnight. We will announce the winner here on Prudent Baby.

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