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Jaime’s Famous Strawberry Basil Balsamic Pop Recipe

This summer I have been obsessed with making popsicles. I shared my Roasted Peaches and Cream popsicle recipe, and mango sriracha pop recipe, but today I am here to share my favorite (and most famous) pop of all: Strawberry Basil Balsamic. The balsamic reduction adds just a touch of depth to the pop flavor, while  (continue reading…)

Surprise Lunch Box Notes (with Free Printable)

This post is sponsored by got milk?. Thank you for inspiring us! Since Scarlet first started school, Carleton and I have always made sure to slip a surprise note for her in her lunch box. It’s especially exciting now because she can read them on her own! Normally the morning routine is a bit…what’s the  (continue reading…)

Our Egg Hatching Adventure

That’s our first baby chick a few moments after hatching! Last year we started our backyard chicken keeping adventure with some pullets. This year we decided to try hatching our own eggs to add some chicks to our flock. First we received our eggs and incubated them… Then we went on “lock down” and prepared  (continue reading…)

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas & Inspiration

Last April Scarlet and her best friend Niko turned 6, and OF COURSE they wanted a “Frozen” themed birthday party. They have been having their birthday parties together since they were born (they still talk about their 3rd birthday “Dora” themed fiesta). At the time, all things Frozen were sold out in every store everywhere,  (continue reading…)

Prudent Advice for Every Woman

It’s here! My new baby! That’s right, Prudent Advice has been updated and is being re-released in an all new package, as . After my first book, was released in 2010 (I still remember the day it was featured in The Wall Street Journal like it was my 21st birthday)… …so many women said “This  (continue reading…)

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