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Fabric Friday

Bugs never looked so cute! This sweet Teagan White for Birch Organic Fabrics, Acorn Trail, Bugs Tonal Mint fabric would make a lovely addition to any sewing project. How cute would a pair of pajama shorts or pants be in this buggy bug fabric? You could line them with flannel to make them extra cozy  (continue reading…)

Flower Friday: Day of the Dead Flower Skull

This was one of those projects that turned out a bit different better than I expected. I started out making this with the idea of a sweet looking calavera in mind. Then, I made something that Jaime and Jacinda both agreed was “pretty and terrifying.” Bingo! Grab yourself a handful of fresh blooms and let’s  (continue reading…)

DIY Woven Coasters

I have been drawn to the art of weaving for a while now, especially after I fell in love with Maryanne Moodie’s weavings on her Instagram. The colors she uses and the designs and textures she creates are breathtaking. After gawking at her designs, I decided to try my hand at making a set of  (continue reading…)

We Love: Washi Tape in the Home!

Our love for washi tape continues to grow as washi tape makes its way from the craft table to the home. Be inspired to bring new life to a blank wall, or even your refrigerator, with this colorful adhesive. When you want to remove it you can just peel it away without destroying the paint,  (continue reading…)

Fabric Friday

Fabricworm has a bunch of new fabrics in for fall, including this sweet cheater quilt fabric – Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics, Feather River, Feather River Patch. If you are new to the magic that is a cheater quilt, check out our Introduction to Cheater Quilts. Now you can pretty much make a quilt in  (continue reading…)

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