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November 19, 2014

Refrigerator Pickled Cranberries! Yes, We Are Serious.


pickled cranberries

Put your holiday cranberries in a pickle and watch your guests swoon. By combining these tarts with some sweets and some spice, you will end up with an oh-so-nice addition to your meal. Not only do they add some spark to a traditional turkey dinner, they add zip to a cheese serving…

pickled cranberriesAnd the excess brine makes an amazing Shrub drinking vinegar. You will be hip in a totally American Colonial way. Add some of the shrub to sparkling water for a refreshing virgin cocktail. Add some vodka and you have a tasty party drink…

pickled cranberries

And you thought the cranberry was a one trick pony!

Read on for the Refrigerator Pickled Cranberries recipe… (more…)

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November 17, 2014

5 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Holiday Decorating

Big Lots in celebration of its #BIGHoliday campaign for National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week.

Big Lots (8 of 9)
Now that we’ve shared our Holiday Hideaway, we’d love for you to join in the decorating fun for National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week! This week people from near and far are going to be decorating their homes and sharing photos on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (@Prudentjaime & @Prudentjacinda) using #BIGHoliday. The fun begins tonight at the #BIGHoliday Twitter Party at 9pm EST and continues throughout the week with the Selfie Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner will receive a $1000 Big Lots shopping spree!

To help you get started on your holiday decorating we’ve jotted down a few key tips we used for our merry makeover. Our first tip is to create a mood board of inspiration before you go shopping for decorations. This saved us a ton of time and kept us on track when we wanted to just buy everything in sight. You can check out all our recent holiday inspiration on our Christmas Pinterest Board, and check out the other National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays blogger makeovers.

Big Lots (7 of 9)

Check out the next four tips for getting a head start on holiday decorating, and find out all the details for the #BIGHoliday Twitter Party and Selfie Sweepstakes after the jump…


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November 16, 2014

Our Holiday Hideaway Big Reveal!

This post was sponsored by Big Lots in celebration of its #BIGHoliday campaign for National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week.

Our Holiday Hideaway Big Reveal!
The time has come for our National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Challenge big reveal. We are absolutely thrilled with our cozy winter wonderland and were even more excited when we found out we won the Winter Wonder Woman award for Most Rustic!

Our Holiday Hideaway Big Reveal!
This Challenge is inspired by National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week, which runs from today until November 22nd. Check one more thing off your list before the holiday rush by decorating the home early this year. You can see the other talented bloggers who have taken part in this challenge on the Big Lots National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays page. We’d love to see your holiday creations too! Join the fun by sharing your beautifully decorated space using the hashtag #BIGHoliday.

Our Holiday Hideaway Big Reveal!

Get the scoop on our holiday hideaway, and see what it looked before the transformation, after the jump…


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