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Two Fall Floral Crown Crafting Fiestas with Anthropologie

After our super fun and inspiring Mother’s Day workshop here in Texas, Anthropologie schemed a big double-trouble redo both in Dallas and LA to celebrate Back-to-School. Not that you would celebrate Back-to-School, I mean who would want to spend 7 hours away from their three kids every day? [Que mothers across the land snickering knowingly.]  (continue reading…)

Jaime and Jacinda Retreat to the Desert

Here’s the thing about writing a book. The creative energy behind building a volume of all of your thoughts on a subject and turning it into not only a visual experience but also a useful tool for those who share your passion is intoxicating, especially with an amazing friend and business partner like Jaime. It’s  (continue reading…)

Bring Your Instagrams (and Workspace!) to Life with Stickygram

I feel like I have the best job in the world but even so it’s hard to be away from my tiny band of tykes. Right now, Jaime and I are hard at work against a quickly approaching book deadline and I’m spending more hours that usual tied to the desk of my studio office,  (continue reading…)

Welcome to Pretty Prudent: The New Prudent Baby!

You may have noticed a few changes around here this week. See that lovely new header, hand painted by my beautiful partner and BFF, Jacinda? Prudent Baby has grown so much over the last four years (four years!), and so have our kids. We will always offer the same inspiration, tutorials, and DIY instruction for  (continue reading…)

The Most Exciting News – A Pretty & Prudent Book!

Last month Jaime and I flew to New York, met with fabulous book editors, enjoyed fine foods and cheap sparkling wine, and then spun around in the street and tossed our stylish knit hats in the air in celebration over the simple fact that we were in New York with our literary agent to sell  (continue reading…)

Friday I’m in Love (and So Lonely)

Last Friday, Jacinda was here. Look how happy I was! This Friday is so gray and dreary in comparison. We can’t wait to show you the ten million crafts we worked on. So. Fun. But at least I can read this amazing interview she did with Texas M.I.L.K. (Texas Moms I’d Like to Know), before  (continue reading…)

Girls, Boys, and a Kickstarter in the Shins: It’s Friday I’m in Love

I’m on pins and needles because:┬áMy Prudent Advice is here! This is a keepsake journal for you to fill in and give to your daughter, at any age. I do hope you enjoy it, and I know your daughter will treasure it. You can find it on amazon, in bookstores near you, and also at  (continue reading…)

GIVEAWAY: $250 Giftcard to Fabricworm! Come say hi!

Hi mamas! My dearest Jacinda was in town a couple of weeks ago, so we brought our families together for a little prudent photo shoot/swim party. Colleen came by and darted around, wrangling kids and recording video clips. C’mon on along and meet our gang. It’s like two kids short of a brady bunch. So  (continue reading…)

Do You YouTube?

You know that we love making videos for y’all, whether they are DIY’s, travel, or cooking, so we decided get a little personal last week and play around with some VLOGGING. Just a little peek into our daily lives. Since I’m in Texas and Jaime is in California, it’s also nice to see her pretty  (continue reading…)

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