So changing pad covers get filthy, that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute.  Just put the adorable fabric up where the baby’s head goes.

The great thing about this changing pad cover how-to is there is no top stitching, so if you aren’t great at sewing, no one will see your crooked stitches.  It’s simple, I promise.  Get the full tutorial after the jump.
And thanks for the post OhDeeDoh!

How To Sew a Changing Pad Cover

This changing pad cover fits a standard changing pad (32″L X 16″W X 3-4″H)

1.  Wash, iron and cut your fabric.  I used a pink cotton (though you might prefer a minkee or fleece) and Alexander Henry Bird Seed in pink (get it here).
My cover uses two different fabrics, but if you want to make a changing pad cover out of all one fabric, then just cut one piece 48″X32″.
If you want to use two fabrics like me, you’ll need two pieces:
Accent Fabric: 17.5″ X 32″
Main Fabric: 30.5″ X 32″
2.  Lay your fabrics together along the 32″ sides with right sides facing and sew, then trim your seam with pinking shears:
3. Now you have one big piece.  Fold it in half lengthwise:
then again widthwise:
Now draw an 8″ square at the outside corner (the one with no folds) like so:
Cut that baby out:
Now you have an item that looks like this:
4.  Now bring the two sides of a square together, right sides facing:
and sew them together. repeat on all four corners.  when you’re done your changing pad cover will look something like this:
5.  Now on the inside edge that’s raw, fold it over 1/2″ or so and iron, all the way around.  Then fold it another inch, iron and pin in place.  You are creating a tube for your elastic.  Try to iron and pin the seam between the two fabrics open:
do this all the way around the inside edge of your changing pad cover:
6.  Starting next to a corner, sew it in place at the edge of the seam, leaving a hole at the corner to feed your elastic through, backstitching at beginning and end:
7.  Cut a 36″ piece of elastic, 5/8″ thickness or smaller (i used 3/8″):
Attach a safety pin to one side and attach the other side to the changing pad cover with a pin and feed the elastic through the tube:
When you pull it out, sew the two sides together with a stretch stitch or with a straight stitch shaped like a box with an X in the middle:
And then sew the hole closed:
You’re done!  It should look like this from the bottom:
And like this from the top:

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