We are 14 days away from Halloween, can you believe it? Do you have your costumes picked and parties planned? Rubyellen from Cakies is here with 4 super simple headbands you can make to top off a Halloween costume. We’re talking the cutest witch you’ve ever seen…

an adorable kitty cat,

a burst of sunshine,

and the coolest magic dragon…

You may remember Cakies from the pretty Watercolor Bubble Art post. If you haven’t hopped on over to her blog yet, it’s an absolute must. Last year for Halloween her daughter’s dressed up as a Barbershop Quartet and this year they have been decorating with Black Cats and Friendly Ghosts. When they’re not decorating or dressing up, they Like to Hang Out on their hammock in the living room!

Without further ado, DIY Halloween Headbands for a witch, cat, ray of sunshine & magic dragon…

DIY Halloween Headbands: Witch, Cat, Sunshine & Magic Dragon

Hello Prudent Baby readers! I am Rubyellen from Cakies and I am honored to share some quick little projects here. Halloween is coming up and sometimes it’s tough to figure out what to make or where to find the time to make something. These little projects don’t take very much time, but can definitely give the right punch for this fun holiday!

Supplies Needed for the Projects:
-1/4 wool felt for each project in various colors
-Sewing machine
-Coordinating thread
-Stiff interfacing (or card stock)
-Headbands (bought mine from Target)
-Witch Hat Template Download
-Cat, Sunshine & Dragon Template Download

Note: When printing out the project templates, make sure your print setting is scaled to 100%.

Seam allowance: ¼”

Mini Witch Hat

1. Cut out all your pieces (1- cone, 1- circle, 2- rectangles for straps). When cutting out the base of the hat, cut on the fold so that you will get a full circle.

2. Line up the straight edges of the cone and sew.
3. On the underside of the hat, sew the rectangle straps on opposite sides of each other about ½” from the inner circular edge.
4. Turn the cone right side out and pin onto the hat base with the right sides together and sew.

5. Attach headband through rectangle straps and wear!

Kitty Cat Ears

1. Cut out all your pieces (4- outer ears, 2- inner ears).

2. Center the inner ears on top of the outer ears and sew on.
3. With right sides together, sew the base of the ear. Repeat for remaining ear.

4. With wrong sides together, sew around the perimeter of the ear. Start and stop your stitch ¼” – ½” (depending on the thickness of your headband) above the base of the ear to allow room to insert the headband.
5. Feed headband through ears and it’s purrrrfect!

Sunshine Headband

1. Cut out all the triangle (10 total) and interfacing pieces (5 total).
2. Sew around the tops of the triangles. Leave the bottom open to insert interfacing.
3. Insert interfacing into each triangle.

4. Cut out 2- 2” x 16” strip of wool felt. Lay the triangles with the base of it side-by-side and sandwich it with the long strips, line up the edges (the base of triangle and the strips), pin in place and sew.
5. Place strips with wrong sides together and sew ¼” from the edge.

6. Feed headband through the opening and you’re walking on sunshine!

Magic Dragon Headband

1. Cut out all the pieces (4- outer ears, 2- inner ears, 2- 2” x 16” wool felt strips).
2. Line up the base of the inner ear on the outer ear and sew on. Repeat for remaining ear.
3. With wrong sides together, sew around the ears. Repeat for second ear.
4. Make the dragon spikes. See the Sunshine Headband instruction. The only difference is you fold in one end ¼” and sew close instead of feeding a headband through.
5. Pin the ears and spikes in place. For the spikes open up the tube so that the center seam (and the spikes) are face down (just like the inner ear is face down) and pin in the center of the strips. Pin each ear 3” from the spikes.

6. Place strips with wrong sides together and sew ¼” from the edge.

7. Feed the headband through the opening and voila! You’ve got a dragon!

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