This past weekend was Clare’s 5th birthday party. Her love affair with pink continues but we have moved on from Princesses… to Unicorn Princesses. So if you have a unicorn princess under your roof, you might want to take some notes. This was an insanely fun party and for the first time, Clare helped me with a bunch of the planning. That was the best part! Happy birthday big girl! I can’t believe I’ve been a mama for 5 years!

How quirky and fun are these Unicorn Rubber Duckies?
On Friday morning (48 hours before kick-off) I spotted these ice-pops on Elizabeth Street’s Pinterest, immediately searched for them online and had them shipped overnight. I don’t mess around when it comes to unicorn pops. I asked you on Facebook for tips on quick freezing pops and our friend Macki sent me her Rainbow Fruit Pop recipe. I took the quick-freeze one step further and pre-froze my chopped fruit. 6 batches of pops in 18 hours! Nice! These are so delicious and refreshing. If your crew likes a little more sweet with their tart, give the frozen pops a roll in sugar.Unicorn horns of course. Do we need a DIY on these or are they pretty self- explanatory? Moms are telling me that everyone is still wearing them non-stop at home. Win.
The pretty little stars filled with jewels were part of a scavenger hunt. A series of clues led the band of unicorns around the house. At every location there was cup of jewels for each girl to add a treasure to her bag.
It got pretty intense.
There were also tails, of course. Simple bunches of ribbon and star wire tied to elastic waistbands. This was another fun project for Clare and I to do together.
To make 24 ice pops with one mold, I had to use wooden sticks. To control drips, I made a small slit in the bottom of paper cupcake cups
and slid them up the stick. Clare painted this beautiful unicorn poster to play “pin the horn on the unicorn.” Unfortunately, if you use foam stickers for your horns, little girls who are geniuses will feel for the pieces already on the paper. Now I just feel silly.

Clare loved her unicorn cake. I used our Evil Buttercream Icing recipe and How to Ice a Cake tutorial. The “5″ the “river” and the flower are cut from Wilton Sugar Sheets. They. Are. Awesome. I plan to use them in many quick cake decorating projects.
Thank you my precious unicorn princess. Planning a unicorn party has been a lifelong dream come true. 8-year-old Jacinda is impressed and yet totally jealous.This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. We’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team this month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!

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